A Charming Proposal With BSG Dog Tags

Jody Blois & Yvon Boudreau

September 28, 2012 – Jody Blois, a teacher's aide from Hampstead, New Hampshire, was thrilled about getting her QMx Battlestar Galactica Personalized Artisan Dog Tags. Her boyfriend, Yvon Boudreau, had ordered sets for each of them.

Little did Jody know that Yvon added something special.  When she opened her dog tags case and pulled her set out of the muslin bag, she found not only the tags, but an engagement ring on the golden chain.

"I got the inspiration from Kara Thrace's character," says Yvon, who works for a credit card processing company. "She had her wedding band on her dog tag chain."

Jody's dog tags

Jody said yes to the uniquely styled marriage proposal on April 6, which also happens to be Yvon's birthday.  The couple is planning a wedding next spring, during which Yvon will wear captain rank insignia and pilot's wings to honor his father, a U.S. Air Force veteran and retired commercial airline pilot, who passed away in August. Jody and Yvon's BSG Personalized Artisan Dog Tags will serve as wedding bands.

Says Yvon, "We have rings for the [official] side of things, but at the ceremony, we'll be putting the tags on each other as a gesture of devotion and 'enlisting' ourselves to each other. Geeky, I know, but something we really want to do for each other."

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