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Firefly 10th Anniversary Art PrintLOS ANGELES – December 19, 2012 – Ever wonder why posters, prints, maps and reference packs from Quantum Mechanix (QMx) are so richly colored? Why they resist fading over time? Why they last much longer than printed products from most other companies?

It's because QMx prints are all high-quality lithographs, not less-expensive digital prints. Lithography produces unrivaled print quality.

QMx prints:

  • Are printed on 100-pound, acid-free, satin-finish paper. We occasionally print on heavier card stock as well.
  • Are printed using inked aluminum plates offset to a rubber blanket, then to high-quality paper for vivid, clean images and type.
  • Ladies of Galactica – StarbuckOffer unrivaled print quality. Colors are true, with better tints, gradients and large areas of solid color. Placement is precise. Digital printers are improving, but with most there is a noticeable drop in print quality and color.
  • Stand the test of time, because of our high-quality paper and printing method. Digital printing typically has no UV protection film protection and tends to fade quickly.

Any QMx poster you buy is on par with a museum-quality art print that might cost $100 or more. We deliver art-print quality lithography for the price of a digital-press poster.

When you by a print from QMx, you can be assured it will stay beautiful for a very long time!

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