ThinkGeek: Terrific QMx-Authorized Reseller

LOS ANGELES - February 20, 2013 – One of QMx's premier authorized resellers is ThinkGeek, a retailer for the global geek community, based in Fairfax, Virginia. has been selling QMx products since 2008.

We chatted with John Frazier, a self-described merchant monkey (buyer) and director of video marketing for ThinkGeek, about the geeky-cool collectibles business.

QMx: John, can you tell me what you like about QMx products?

John Frazier: When I buy QMX gear, I never have to worry about three things:

  1. Price - QMX always makes products that are within reach of the fan's pocketbooks.
  2. Attention to detail - Made by fans, for fans, so you know that the details will be finely monitored. It really is the little things.
  3. Quality - Nothing's worse than a broken toy. QMX cares a lot about the fans that shop there. To that end, they make sure the experience, from beginning to end, is as ideal as it can be.

QMx: Do you have a favorite product that we offer?

JF: Depends on if you mean a product I buy, or a product I covet but can't buy. My favorite product I stock has to be the 1:400 Scale Serenity. That's a perfect example of creating a product that's both affordably within reach of every fan, but also is exquisitely detailed enough to make them want to proudly display it on his or her desk. Or, as I like to do, run around the office going WHOOOOOSH! I'M A LEAF ON THE WIND!

QMx: What would you like to see more of from us?

JF: I'd like to see the same attention to detail and affordable approach applied to the Enterprise refit. That starship is, above all others, my absolute favorite. For what it's worth, my favorite product that I covet but can't buy is the giant [Enterprise] 1701-D. So very...very...pretty!

QMx: Over the last 5 years, you've really seen QMx evolve, haven't you?

JF: I wish I could have seen your operation at the beginning. Being separated by an entire coast means that the friendly e-mail face of QMx was all the behind-the-scenes I got to witness.

QMx: It was very humble in the beginning. Heck, it still is. We are dedicated to putting our resources into making great products, not having fancy offices. You've seen that. It's nice you're helping support a small business. JF: That means a lot to me, actually, as a businessman. Supporting small business and watching them grow is, no lie, my favorite thing to do here.

QMx: We appreciate that.  Thanks!  Hey, so are we geeky enough for you?

JF: That's an interesting question. Too often I've noticed a lot of geeks try to one-up each other, and define who is geeky and who is not, even going so far as to ostracize those they deem unworthy. However, based on the conversations I've had with [QMx CEO] Andy [Gore] - yeah, you guys are totally geeks. My kind of geeks.

QMx: Aw, shucks!

JF: We, too, are a small business. Started by geeks that just wanted to do right by other geeks. We care about our customers. We try hard to bring them cool and interesting stuff that maybe they haven't seen yet, or are having a hard time finding. Most importantly, we want to make people feel comfortable expressing their geekiness. We are a tribe. We love our tribe, and you should be able to shout it from the rooftops. Celebrate your nerddom! Be otaku about anime, or a total Trekkie. Don't care. You're one of us, and we are legion.

QMx: We feel extremely lucky to be partnering with  Thanks, John!

JF: Thank you!

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