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LOS ANGELES – April 17, 2013 – If you're an unabashed, die-hard geek, you're going to want to check out Rockin' Robot. It's a great place for all things cool and sci-fi, and part of Almador Inc., a multichannel retailer that also owns the Anime Wild! online store.

The company has been carrying QMx products since September 2010 – in particular, apparel, novelties and posters from Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more.

We spoke with Almador Product Manager Lyyna Lee about the company's metamorphosis.

QMx: For years, you've specialized in anime. What was the impetus behind your crossover into new genres?

Lyyna LeeWe started back in 2006 selling anime-related products, but in the past couple of years we have branched out into selling sci-fi, fantasy, video-game and movie-related products. We found that generally, fandom crosses all genres of popular culture. Naturally, as customers started to request genre-spanning products, we started to offer them.

QMxWhich of QMx's products do your customers seem to like best?

LLAnything and all things Firefly. Our customers clamor for things that remind them of that great, but short-lived, TV show.

QMxDo our products appeal to anime fans, or are your customers fans of sci-fi franchises, such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who, in general?

LLAbsolutely, it's a bit of both. QMx offers products from some of the most popular franchises and series, such as Star Trek and Firefly, which have influences that reach far and wide – to many who love anime.

QMxWhat's your favorite QMx product? Why?

LLI love the Little Damn Heroes Line. They’re a lot like the chibi characters you find in anime – small, super-deformed characterizations of our favorite characters

QMxWhat makes Rockin' Robot distinctive?

LLWe’re in an industry with iconic items that make us say, “Awesome!” “Cool!” “I want that!” – basically things that make us smile. These things make us feel forever young, and we strive to find the products that will let you continue to feel that way. So if you’re looking for the latest figures from Japan, a shirt from a favorite show, or maybe some funny, kitschy kitchen accessories, then we aim to please.

QMxWhat would you like customers to know about your company?

LLWe’re a small company, but dedicated to our customers. We live and breathe geek culture. If it is something that is blogged, tweeted or pinned – we’ll try to offer it.

QMxWhat product would you like to see us make next? What would you like more of?

LLWe’d love to see more screen-accurate shirts and replicas. Our customers love cosplaying, and some of QMx’s products are go-to items for that!

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