Special Delivery: Warehouse 13 Artifact Finds a Home

LOS ANGELES – March 20, 2014 – All good things must come to an end. We become invested in a show, fall in love with the characters, share their trials and triumphs, and look forward to each new episode like a visit from an old friend. And then, suddenly and all too soon, the ride is over.

We've known for a while that one of our favorite shows, Warehouse 13, was coming to an end. But the reality of the show's cancellation hit us square in the face when we received a farewell gift from the production team: an artifact crate straight from the warehouse itself.

As we inspected the labels, it was clear that Artie and company had entrusted us with a very special artifact to house in the QMx warehouse. But what could it be? We slipped on a pair of purple gloves and cracked the crate open.

It turns out, we've been deemed keepers of the Artifact Tracker Football that has appeared in nearly every season of the show. And though we were giddy to be honored with one of the series' most prominent artifacts, we were also hit with a wave of sadness.

Yes, this was artifacty goodness of the highest order! But the football found its way to us only because the show we love so much would be coming to an end.

Though we're disappointed the fifth season is the last one for Warehouse 13, we're also grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such a fantastic cast and crew.

We'll take good care of the ol' pigskin and display it proudly at our headquarters as a fond reminder of all the fantastic stories that came out of that super-secret facility in South Dakota.

Be sure to tune into the premiere episode of Warehouse 13's final season when it airs on April 14th!

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