QMx and CCP Games to Partner for EVE Online

Gallente Megathron from EVE Online

LOS ANGELES – May 6, 2014 – Quantum Mechanix (QMx) announced that it is partnering with CCP Games to produce a highly detailed desktop model of EVE Online’s notorious Gallente Megathron.

As announced during EVE Fanfest 2014, the hand-painted Megathron Collector’s Scale Replica will measure approximately 10 inches long and will sport the revamped hull design introduced in EVE Online: Retribution. The Gallente Armada battleship will kick off a line of desktop-sized replicas modeled after fan-favorite ships of EVE Online.

QMx plans to build the vessels of the EVE Universe with the same exacting fidelity and attention to detail used to bring the Serenity Little Damn Heroes Maquette to life.

No pricing or target release dates have been set, but fans can look for updates on the Megathron Collector’s Scale Replica via:

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