Shipping Update: Yantian International Container Terminal

Image of a port.

As a result of the logistical & personnel challenges caused by the outbreak, freight yards are extremely backlogged. If and when there are containers available, loading them is much more time consuming than before due to the lack of personnel available to work. The issues here are two-pronged: With both a personnel and container shortage, prices to book containers are skyrocketing. A 40 foot steel container in a month's time will cost over $10,000, a 547% increase over the seasonal average. This will affect everything imported to the USA. Please note that our upcoming summer shipments will experience a delay due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 situation in Yantian, China. 

Rest assured that we are analyzing the market very closely and are seeking many different alternatives to help ease the burdens everyone is facing. We have a number of partners that have benefited from moving products out of China and importing the products themselves. We strongly recommend this to all customers who have stock due to land this summer. If you have the means, contact us immediately to see what can be directly supplied to you. We suspect that prices should start to fall come August and will keep all partners informed of any updates. 

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