At the Cinema Arts division of Quantum Mechanix Inc., we create props and replicas that appear on-screen in movies and television series. We also take images and concepts from cinematic productions and TV shows, and bring them to life.

We use computers and specialized model-making methods to create replicas of unparalleled fidelity and beauty. Whether it's a starship, an architectural work, a piece of weaponry or a communications device, we handcraft pieces of art.

Here's how we do it:

  • Prototyping — From studio digital files or sometimes from just an image. We turn 2-D images into 3-D models.
  • 3-D Printing —Full 3-D rendering of concept, master pattern design and actual model.
  • Handiwork — Hand sculpting, woodworking and hand fabrication
  • Molding and Casting — Fabricating in resin and fiberglass.
  • Model Making — Precision laser cutting, shaping, forming, body filling, assembling and sanding complex replicas.
  • Custom Electronics — Installing circuit boards and complex wiring to make the lights on a ship replica flash, pulsate, fade and light up in sequence, sometimes with sound effects.
  • Graphics — Dye sublimation printing and multimedia creation.
  • Painting — Applying primer, base coat and detail paint in masked layers.

We enable fans to purchase iconic pieces of entertainment entertainment history by creating meticulously crafted and finished replicas you won't find anywhere else.



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