Introducing EverStone™

What distinguishes a collectible from QMx is the story it tells. Our figures feature action-packed poses, vibrant colors and refreshing exuberance. Each piece takes you to a different time or a different place and immerses you in the thrill of a compelling moment.

To keep prices low, many companies manufacture using less-than-ideal materials. Some create costly collectibles using traditional substrates that shatter easily. At QMx, we strive for excellence and value. That’s why we created our own solution:  Everstone™.

EverStone™ is a proprietary polymer developed exclusively by QMx. It has fantastic durability, solid weight and flexibility.  Unlike traditional polystone statues, our Everstone™ figures are strong yet pliable, and able to capture minute details and convey a sense of motion.

Using EverStone™ in nearly all of our QMx premium collectible figures and dioramas has improved the creative execution, longevity and stability of each design. Capes flow in a more life-like fashion, characters are held aloft by the thinnest sliver of a connection, and clothing feels more textured and nuanced. At the same time, a collectible made with EverStone™ can survive a direct impact and resist the elements over time.

First used in our award-winning and critically acclaimed Batman: Family Q-Master Diorama, EverStone™ is now used in all our Q-Masters including the highly anticipated Deadpool X Ghost Rider Q-Master Diorama. EverStone™ will also now be used in our popular Q-Fig series. The material's unique properties have allowed us to create spectacular designs like the Last Knight on Earth Q-Fig Elite, Miles Morales Spider-Man Q-Fig Elite and Harley Quinn Q-Fig Elite that could simply not have been achieved without EverStone™.

At QMx, we're committed to pushing boundaries in everything we do. EverStone™ is a revolutionary leap forward for collectible figures.




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