Spring Q-Con 2021

Q-Con is back! We're returning in late April to bring you what you're missing about comic cons: awesome panels, product reveals, sneak peaks, and of course, more amazing collectibles from QMx.

Don't forget to check out our Dealer's Room with special offers from our trusted retail partners just for Q-Con attendees!

We'll be broadcasting LIVE on our Instagram channel (@qmxinsider) for two whole days - Saturday, May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd. And we'll even jump on for a bit on Friday April 30th as an appetizer. We've got a full slate of programming so we can connect with our fans, friends and fellow collectors during Q-Con, so make a plan to come and join us. Be sure and follow us on Instagram - no tickets required! If you can't make the live sessions, each and every segment will remain on our IGTV page after the fact so you won't miss a thing. Now let's see that schedule!



Friday, April 30th: 

4pm - Q-Con Intro & Walmart Pre-Orders!

Join QMx for a rundown of the guests, panels and planned events during Q-Con weekend.  We’ll also launch the preorders for SIX Q-Fig Max Elites, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve secured these amazing pieces in advance. Beth and Mark will walk you through what’s available now, and what’s coming soon!

5pm - Q-Con Q&A & Trivia!

We'll answer your questions, and if you can answer OUR questions you might just win some fantastic prizes! Think of this as Preview Night, without the lines and with more free stuff.


Saturday, May 1st: 

10am - Spotlight on Avatar: The Last Airbender 

We’ll get up close and personal with our colossal new Aang Q-Fig Max Elite as well as our adorable Airbender Q-Pals. We’ll also give you a first look at some of our other Airbender Q-Figs in development! 

11am - Dealer’s Room with Beth

Beth and Mark will introduce our new Q-Con “Dealer’s Room” and go over some of the fantastic deals you can score from our partner retailers. And if you’re good, Beth might even give you a sneak peek at some of our products in development for late 2021!

1pm - Spotlight on the X-Men 

We’ll be unboxing the newest members of the X-Men to join our team: the Kitty Pryde and Lockheed Q-Fig Elite and our Storm Q-Fig. Come see how these magnificent mutants are going to look on your shelves very soon!

2pm - Guest: Sully from Twitch!

We’ll be chatting games and collectibles with Chris Sully, Twitch Streamer extraordinaire. Nerds Unite! 

3pm - Spotlight on Disney 

Beth is back in the spotlight since it’s time to talk Disney! We’ll be unboxing some of our Disney Afternoon Q-Fig collection, including Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck. And we’ve also got a massive new Disney Q-Fig reveal to show you for the first time ever. If you’re a Disney fan, this one is not to be missed!

5pm - Trivia Time with Beth!

Join your hosts Mark and Beth for an hour of head-scratching, mind-boggling and arcane trivia questions. Just kidding - they're actually pretty easy. But it's your chance to win prizes from our vault, and you never know what we're going to give away next. Come play trivia and win some free stuff!


Sunday, May 2nd: 

10am - Spotlight on the Alien Q-Fig Series

It’s our scariest Q-Fig collection yet! We’ve got THREE new Alien Q-Figs to debut: the Xenomorph, Ripley in her power loader, and the terrifying Alien Queen. Best of all, the Ripley and Alien Queen Q-Figs CONNECT, and you know you need to see that in action. 

11am - Guest: Ani-Mia

Epic cosplayer Ani-Mia joins us live to talk about cosplay, collecting and Q-Figs! 

1pm - QMx Reveal!

We’ll be giving you a first look at a never-seen-before Q-Fig Max Elite. Fans of 80s action movies and sci-fi are going to want to join us so you can find out how much room to clear on your shelves. Hint: it’s a lot. 

2pm - Spotlight on Mortal Kombat

Get over here! We’ll take a look at fierce rivals Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. Choose your fighter, but let’s keep the fatalities to a minimum. 

4pm - Trivia Time and Wrap Up!

Before another Q-Con comes to an end, we’ll give you yet another chance to win some fabulous prizes from QMx. You’ll have to earn those prizes with a deep knowledge of trivia, or extremely fast Googling skills. Come help us close out Spring Q-Con and walk away with some brand new collectibles of your very own!

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