Summer Q-Con 2021

Q-Con is back! Just in time for summer, the QMx team is here to bring you THREE days of sneak peeks, reveals, unboxings and prizes, prizes, prizes. Did we mention prizes? And don’t forget our TWO Summer Exclusive Q-Figs, available for pre-order right here during Q-Con! You can grab the Negaduck Q-Fig and the Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite while supplies last, and of course be sure to check out our Dealer's Room for very special deals on collectibles curated by our partners just for attendees of Q-Con!

We'll be broadcasting LIVE on our Instagram channel (@qmxinsider) for three days - Friday, July 23rd through Sunday, July 25th. We've got a full slate of programming to connect with our fans, friends and fellow collectors during Q-Con, so make plans to come and join us. Be sure to follow us on Instagram - no tickets required! If you can't make the live sessions, each and every segment will remain on our IGTV page after the fact so you won't miss a thing.


Friday, July 23rd:

9am - Summer Exclusive Q-Fig Pre-orders Launch

Both of our Summer Exclusive Q-Figs pre-orders go live to kick off Q-Con. You can reserve your Negaduck Q-Fig and the Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite starting at 9am Pacific. Don’t miss out on these limited and numbered exclusive Q-Figs. Get your pre-orders in and then enjoy the rest of the show knowing you've scored two amazing exclusives!

11am - Unboxing our Summer Exclusive Q-Figs

We’ll take a closer look at the exclusive Negaduck Q-Fig and the Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite. We’ve got both Q-Figs on hand so you can see them each up close and personal. It won’t be too much longer before you can see them for yourself, but in the meantime come and check out what makes these two limited Q-Figs so very special!

2pm - Dealer’s Room Overview with Beth

Our esteemed Director of Sales, Beth Nelson, will join us to walk you through all the special deals and discounts we’ve put together for you during Q-Con. Some of our most valued and trusted partners are bringing you terrific offers just for Q-Con, so come find out what we have and treat yourself to something fun!

4pm - Saturday/Sunday Overview and Trivia Time!

Mark and Beth will take a look at all of the panels coming up for Saturday and Sunday of Summer Q-Con, and then we’ll start giving away some prizes.... If you can answer Beth’s litany of tough trivia questions. Be ready, be quick and be on Instagram!


Saturday, July 24th:

11am  - Interview: Victoria Fung, Product Development Director for Plush at QMx

Our very own Victoria Fung will join us to share her vision for a brand new line of collectible plush from QMx. Heads up, Disney fans - you won’t want to miss this one. Prepare to be blown away by Zippermouths! We apologize in advance for making you need all of these. We’ll talk with her about how they were designed, what makes them so special and where we’re going next with this amazing new line of licensed collectible plush. 

2pm - Spotlight: Disney Q-Figs

Disney fans rejoice! It’s time to dive into our upcoming Disney Q-Figs. We’ll unbox our newest Disney Q-Figs and take a closer look at the Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck and Rocketeer, and then share some sneak peeks of brand NEW Disney Q-Figs coming later this year. If you’re a Disney fan, you’re going to want to see this panel. We’ve got so much magic in store for you!

4pm - Trivia Time!

It wouldn’t be a Saturday evening at Q-Con if we weren’t giving you the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes. Be here at 4pm Pacific and be quick on the keyboard - it’s time for trivia with QMx! 

Sunday, July 25th:

11am - New License Reveal with QMx CEO Andy Gore!

We’ve got some huge news. Epic news, actually. We’ve got a brand new license to share with you, and it’s no joke. It’s a classic, it’s beloved, and you’re going to want to be here as we talk about what we’re doing with it. Intrigued yet? Join CEO Andy Gore and hear what we’ve got coming for you in 2022!

1pm - Spotlight: Avatar the Last Airbender

By now you’ve seen our Aang Q-Fig Max Elite, and hopefully it’s sitting proudly in your collection. So let’s take a look at what’s coming next from QMx and Airbender, and who you can expect to join Aang in your Q-Fig collection early next year. We’ve got some of Aang’s friends ready to make their Q-Con debut!

2pm - Q-Fig Max Elites - Where We’re Going Next 

Beth and Mark will be here to discuss what makes a Q-Fig Max Elite, and how we’re going to evolve our biggest and baddest Q-Figs heading into next year. Hint: they’re only getting bigger!

4pm - Trivia Time and Wrap Up!

Before another Q-Con comes to an end, we’ll give you yet another chance to win some fabulous prizes from QMx. You’ll have to earn those prizes with a deep knowledge of trivia, or extremely fast Googling skills. Come help us close out Summer Q-Con and hopefully walk away with some brand new collectibles!

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