Covert in the Night

This matte black, steel-alloy Stealth Edition of Anton Furst's Batmobile film design for Batman (1989) has arrived, under the cover of darkness and ready for action.

Based on archival imagery provided by Warner Brothers, this screen-accurate muscle car is sure to impress Justice League friends and foes alike.

Each Stealth Edition Batmobile comes equipped with a heavy-duty key ring, the perfect accessory for any caped crusader's utility belt. 

Only 1000 individually numbered Stealth Batmobiles were made by QMx Caliber Metalworks for this exclusive limited-edition run, so act quickly.  It doesn't take the world's greatest detective to figure out this is one cool car.



2 inches

5.08 cm


Metal alloy


QMx Caliber Metalworks

Advanced tooling processes are the hallmark of QMx Caliber Metalworks, our new line of cast products. Screen accurate and created using laser-cut molds, they boast a higher fidelity and more intricate details than ever before. 


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