Perfect for Coffee With Your Favorite Admiral


Imagine sobering up in Admiral William Adama's quarters after a night of drinking. The coffee is piping hot, and the coaster beneath it is beyond cool.

Based on the original phoenix plaque that hung in the Galactica's CIC -- and now graces the headquarters of QMx -- our Battlestar Galactica coaster (there are four in the set) is a faithful re-creation of the Colonial seal, sculpted in 3-D to match exactly the screen-used prop.

Each Battlestar Galactica coaster is hand assembled and hand painted. They're beautiful works of art any admiral would be proud to have on deck or at home.


Note: Not dishwasher safe. Please clean with a soft, damp cloth.




4.56 in across x 0.5 in high

11.58 cm across x 1.27 cm high


Seven layers of precision-cast polystone covered with scratch-resistant glass.


Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Not dishwasher safe. 


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