Bringing The Verse to You

Extremely cool. Masterfully done.

-- Joss Whedon, Creator of the TV series Firefly

The Blue Sun Travel Company encourages citizens of the Alliance to explore the many amazing vistas that comprise our proud republic. It's a great, big Verse full of fabulous sights to see and exotic cultures to experience.

Whether you partake of the ancient, noble tea ceremony at the Companion Guild House on Sihnon, behold the awesome canyons of glass and steel on Londinium, enjoy the many distractions of the Gateway District on Persephone, shed a tear for our fallen Alliance heroes at the Monument at Serenity Valley, or be among the first to experience the pure tranquility of Miranda, a multitude of planets full of unparalleled adventure awaits you.

Now Blue Sun Travel is ready to take you on a vicarious journey with these original art prints created by illustrator Adam Levermore.

In the past, you would have only seen prints of this quality adorning the walls of your local Blue Sun Travel office, or proudly displayed in high-traffic areas like Persephone's Eavesdown Docks or along the bustling streets of Beaumonde. But now, thanks to Blue Sun subsidiary, Quantum Mechanix Inc., you too can own a set of five Blue Sun Travel Posters.




17 in wide x 22 in high

43.18 cm wide x 55.88 cm high


100-lb, satin-finish paper.


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