Death to Pigeons!

Technically speaking, Bronx isn’t a gargoyle. He’s a “gargoyle beast”, and closer to dog than human. He doesn’t have wings, and he can’t speak like the other gargoyles... but that doesn’t make him any less a member of the Manhattan Clan. Fierce, strong and loyal, Bronx is a friend to everyone. Well, unless you’re a pigeon after dusk. Then, all bets are off. 

Inspired by the classic Disney animated television series Gargoyles, the Bronx Q-Fig features the great beast as he prowls the rooftop of the Eyrie Building. With his deep blue coloring, fan-shaped ears and distinctive dorsal spikes, Bronx is ready for any battle the Manhattan Clan might face. However, he’d much rather nap by Hudson’s recliner or sleep on top of Lexington’s magazines… whether Lexington likes it or not.

The hulking Bronx Q-Fig stands 5 inches tall from the diorama base to the tip of the ridges along his back. The base itself is meticulously sculpted to resemble the gothic rooftop of the Eyrie Building, which will match perfectly when paired with our other Gargoyles Q-Figs - Goliath, Demona and Lexington. Add Bronx to your Q-Fig collection today!


Length: 3.5 in ( 8.8 cm)

Width: 4 in ( 10.1 cm)

Height: 5 in ( 12.7 cm)


4.5 oz




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