One Magnificent Damn Boat

The Serenity Film-Scale Artisan Replica is our most ambitious version of the Firefly-class transport, built to surpassing standards of beauty and quality. Screen accurate and handcrafted, it's a crown jewel among our tributes to the sci-fi Western TV series, Firefly.

This 1:124 scale Serenity features:

  • More than 250 cast and laser cut parts.
  • 25 different hand-applied studio paints.
  • An adjustable model mount combined with an illuminated acrylic display base that gives Serenity the appearance of flying through the cosmos.

In a filming miniature of this size we were able to add an unparalleled level of detail to the bridge, galley and cargo bay. Visible inside are:

  • The steering yoke that Wash uses to pilot the ship.
  • Tables, chairs, pots and pans in the galley, along with the flowered vines that adorn the walls.
  • Many small details that reflect the use and wear that a transport vessel spending years in space would show — from the cargo pallets and barrels of Blue Sun Ale to the weight bench and basketball hoop.
  • Tiny crew members stationed throughout the ship, as in our Serenity — The Big Damn Replica at 1:180 scale.

On the outside of the ship, you will find:

  • Handrails, ladder rungs and communications antennas.
  • The main engines, which rotate for liftoff or cruise
  • Hinged reactor vent covers.
  • The main cargo ramp, which opens to reveal a detailed space inside.

A complex web of custom electronics control the more than 100 LEDs that create lighting effects — everything from smooth sailing to hard burn. To re-create the unique lighting effects on Serenity we designed and scaled the circuit boards to accurately reproduce the glowing firefly effect seen in the main reactor, the timing of the navigation lights and glow of the command consoles. All of these functions are controlled from a four-channel remote.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds may struggle to keep a primary buffer panel from flying off his ship. But rest assured, our hearty crew of talented U.S.-based artisans focuses on making each Serenity Film-Scale Replica completely shipshape before heading out of our model shop — ready to roam the Verse for years to come.


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