A Top-Secret Project

No ship should go down without her captain.

—Khan Noonien Singh

Designed for covert warfare, the Dreadnought-class U.S.S. Vengeance is a terror in space, dwarfing any other ship made by Starfleet.

Khan Noonien Singh, the genetically engineered villain of the film Star Trek Into Darkness, claims the ship is, “two times the size, three times the speed” of the U.S.S. Enterprise. With its advanced torpedo bay and diverse arsenal of weapons systems, the Vengeance is truly an unrivaled force.

Creating the physical replica of this legendary starship that appeared in the film was a dream project for QMx FX Cinema Arts. Here’s how it came together.

Black-Ops Design

When QMx was tasked with re-creating this stealth ship as part of The History of Starflight collection that was displayed on Starfleet Admiral Marcus’ credenza in the movie, the Vengeance only existed as a CGI wireframe. The shape of the ship was set, but it had no skin.

“We were, in a sense, being handed a blank canvas,” recalls John Eblan, QMx VP and head of the Cinema Arts model shop.

The only requirement was that the ship had to be black. Eblan needed to figure out how to showcase a ship intended to fly under the radar in the void of space. In the film, the ship is backlit with nebulae and electrical storm effects. For the model, QMx had to create a design that would add depth and dimension in any environment.

To do this, the QMx FX Cinema Arts team took the Aztec hull design from the Enterprise, then modified it to be more aggressive and angular. Six different levels of black paint were arrayed in geometric patterns, giving the Vengeance depth and dimension without obfuscating the ship's finer details.

QMx worked around the clock to complete the design and paint of the Vengeance in record time in order for her to make her film debut. The paint design QMx created for the physical replica ended up being used by the movie’s production designers on the digital version of the ship.

Additional Development

After Star Trek Into Darkness was released, QMx further refined the Vengeance model. The resulting U.S.S. Vengeance Artisan Replica is a 1:1600 scale juggernaut that commands attention and is our largest Artisan piece to date. We added full illumination to the ship, using only red for the formation and anti-collision lighting, with a minimal amount of window illumination. She is a stealth ship, after all.

The included display base and optional acrylic shield incorporate design details of the Vengeance’s bridge, lending a sense of cohesion wherever the dark starship is displayed.

Best of all, the same QMx Artisan who built the original Vengeance filming model works on every Vengeance Artisan Replica, ensuring a ship of unparalleled quality for collectors.


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