The Merc with a Mythical Mount

If Deadpool loves anything more than chimichangas and cracking wise, it’s unicorns. He really loves unicorns. Probably a little too much, truth be told. And now he can ride his very own majestic steed in our Deadpool x Unicorn Q-Fig Max Elite, available exclusively at Walmart!

Is this the most ridiculously clever, charming and expressive Deadpool collectible ever created? Yes. A thousand times, yes. The Deadpool x Unicorn Q-Fig Max Elite (so named because of its maximum eliteness) is so bright and colorful it looks like a pinata exploded in a cloud bank. But we don’t advise tasting it, because that would be weird. 

From the vibrant rainbows to the whimsical inflatable stars, this piece positively screams Deadpool. Just take a look at the stars, in case you don’t believe us. They’re actually screaming. With Mr. Pool riding his buoyant and uni-horned steed (at least we didn’t say he was “horny”), this Q-Fig Max Elite is huge. We mean really big. Like hugely big or maybe bigly huge. Something like that.

Available exclusively at Walmart locations nationwide, and on, the Deadpool x Unicorn Q-Fig Max Elite is just the kind of Deadpool collectible that would cause Wade Wilson himself to develop an unhealthy fixation.

Take to the skies with Deadpool and his faithful unicorn at Walmart!



Length: 4 in ( 10.1 cm )

Width: 6 in ( 15.2 cm )

Height: 6 in ( 15.2 cm )


11.3 oz




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