Roam the Universe With Doctor Who Favorites

Show the world your love for the longest-running science-fiction TV show of all time. Now you can have your Doctor Who favorite characters with you wherever you go.

Our six-sticker set features:

  • The TARDIS, the Doctor's time machine and spacecraft.
  • K9, the ever-trusty, highly intelligent robotic dog.
  • An assortment of four Daleks, the race of cyborg mutants whose goal is universal conquest and domination. They are each a different color: blue, orange, red and yellow. 

These weatherproof clear vinyl stickers are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Who wouldn't want a K9 on their car window, a Dalek on their bumper or their very own TARDIS on the luggage?




3.5 in wide x 4.75 in high

8.89 cm wide x 11.43 cm high




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