Big Bruisers From EVE Online

We've handpicked four of the most iconic spaceships from the massive, living science-fiction universe of EVE Online and brought them to life in this series of original art print posters

These mainline battlecruisers — Caldari Drake, Amarr Harbinger, Minmatar Hurricane and Gallente Myrmidon — showcase the amazing range of art and design that has helped make EVE a legendary sci-fi realm for more than a decade. And now they can be yours.

Designer/illustrator Bryan K. Ward (known throughout the EVE community as pirate, blogger and artist Rixx Javix) has carefully crafted each hand-drawn illustration to evoke the tenacious spirit and uniqueness of each ship in this collection. He shares these insights into the creative process:

  • Drake  “I wanted to capture the tenacity of the Caldari Battlecruiser, an often maligned and misunderstood ship that nevertheless is still reaching for the stars. The Drake’s brick-like shape has undergone recent updates that I wanted to make sure were brought to the fore without overpowering the design of the illustration. By placing the ship at a slightly off-kilter angle, it reinforces instability while maintaining strength — what I believe are core attributes of the Drake.” 
  • Harbinger — “I like to think of the Harbinger as the ‘Golden Sword’ of the Imperial Navy, and as such, it really needed to pop from the page and shine. The ship is a complex accumulation of shapes, wings, buttons, hoods and darkness shrouded in gold — so capturing all of those elements was a distinct challenge.”
  • Hurricane — “The Hurricane’s shape is so instantly recognizable, to do anything other than pay total respect to that would have been a terrible mistake. Placing it in a vertical orientation, especially next to the Harbinger, is clearly an expression of Minmatar pride and revolution.”
  • Myrmidon — “The vertical wedge of the Myrmidon is unique among all of the hundreds of ships in EVE, and an amazingly original design that I wanted to honor as best I could. Curves, pipes and interesting angles make the ship incredibly difficult to illustrate, but so worth the time and energy it took to get it right. It is an awe-inspiring design.”




18 in wide x 24 in high

45.72 cm wide x 60.96 cm high


100-lb, satin-finish paper.


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