Ascent of Toaster

From kitchen appliance to Caprica Six, it's how the Cylons came to be in Battlestar Galactica. Now you can own this large banner-style poster that depicts the complete evolution of the Cylon race, starting with the simple Toaster through their early prototypes up to the advanced humanoid models.

Our banner-style poster features stylized renderings of all the Cylon models that are known to have existed. It's printed on a sumptuous, glimmering paper that subtly changes hue, depending on how light strikes it.

The paper, called Aspire Petallics, is manufactured carbon neutral using 100% wind energy, and is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) complaint using 30% recycled paper. Just the sort of thing our future Cylon overlords would approve of.




29 in wide x 12 in high

73.66 cm wide x 30.48 cm high


100-lb Aspire Petallics stock


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