Nifflerus Giganticus

Our Giant Niffler plush is your chance to own a magical beast hefty enough to make even Hagrid happy. This cute and cuddly thief is the perfect size to completely wrap your arms around and pull in for a most satisfying hug. Enjoy petting the super-soft, fluffy fur while you dream of becoming a Magizoologist. But be sure to guard your shiny stuff: This Niffler’s pouch is large enough to stash a slew of loot. 

The QMx Giant Niffler plush is absolutely enormous at 17 inches tall. He clutches a big golden coin and has a working pouch that's perfect for holding untold treasures or even a QMx plush baby Niffer!

Snag a QMx Giant Niffler plush. Magical hugs await!

 Available Q4 2019.


Length: 16 in ( 40.64cm )

Width: 10 in ( 25.4 cm )

Height: 17 in ( 43.1 cm)


1.75 lbs




Surface washable only. Air dry.


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