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An Agent's Lifeline

We can be completely confident when we say the Farnsworth Hero Prop is screen accurate because QMx made the Farnsworth used in Season 3 through 5 of the Syfy series, Warehouse 13. And now we're creating that same prop for you.

Built by QMx Cinema Arts to replace the original Farnsworth prop, on which two seasons of heavy use had left their mark, the QMx Farnsworth was painstakingly crafted to meet Warehouse 13's exacting requirements. We faithfully replicated the original communications device from the original art department plans, matching every detail parts, paint and finish.

The QMx Farnsworth Hero Prop, part of our Artisan Master Series, features:

  • An authentic metal case from the supplier of the original Farnsworth.
  • An oil-rubbed bronze, hand-painted finish.
  • A 2 mm-thick, solid-brass faceplate.
  • Faceplate layout, lettering and markings taken from Warehouse 13 original plans for the prop.
  • Precise viewscreen dimensions, including curvature of the screen.
  • Red light dome, center dial knob, jacks and black knob sourced from the original suppliers.
  • The black push button is a first generation casting of the original.
  • Screen-accurate circular speaker grill and rectangular letterbox cutouts.

Our Farnsworth comes wrapped in a muslin cloth and packed in a handmade wooden crate. Available for a limited time, the Farnsworth Artisan Hero Prop is an agent's lifeline to the Warehouse, where a bit of fast intel can mean the difference between snagging, bagging and tagging a lethal artifact, or being its next victim.




3.63 in wide x 6 in high x 1.19 in deep

9.22 cm wide x 15.24 cm high x 3.02 cm deep


Aluminum, brass, steel, acrylic, polyresin.



All Artisan replica orders, including the Farnworth Artisan Hero Prop - FX Edition, must ship via FedEx Express Services only.

If you choose any FedEx Ground service (Ground or SmartPost), we will contact you to collect additional funds to accommodate an appropriate shipping method.


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