Firefly's Little Rascals

While Serenity’s crew members didn’t really spend their childhoods together, we like to imagine Captain Mal and company would’ve made for one mischievous bunch. We can just picture the Little Damn Heroes (yep, we went there) having fun, adventuring and stirring up trouble wherever they could find it.

Illustrator Patrick Ballesteros has captured that horseplay here, reimagining Serenity’s crew as a rag-tag group of rascals in this whimsical art print.

The Brownie Coats Art Print depicts the mini-crew sailing off into the black in a makeshift ship dubbed “C-RENITY.” From Jayne’s beloved “Vera” and signature knit hat to Inara’s shuttle, each pint-sized crew member is lovingly portrayed here, along with a few hidden easter eggs for fans to discover.

Fly along with this lovable group of rogues.




24 in wide x 18 in high

60.96 cm wide x 45.72 cm high


100-lb, satin-finish paper.


QMx Insider

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