Certified: Firefly

If you've always dreamed of piloting a Firefly-class transport ship, you can get one step closer with this shiny set of two Firefly Builder's Plaque Stickers.

Printed directly from the original files used to create the screen-used props, the stickers are exact replicas of the builder's plaques for Firefly Ship Works, Ltd., and Allied Space Corporation seen in the engine room of Serenity on the TV show Firefly.

Each sticker is a 1:1 scale replica of the original prop.

Printed on metalized polyester, the all-weather Firefly Builder's Plaque stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.




Firefly Ship Works, Ltd.: 4.6 in wide x 2.35 in high (11.68 cm wide x 5.97 cm high)

Allied Space Corporation: 3.52 in wide x 4.7 in high (8.94 cm wide x 11.94 cm high)




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