Strap One On

The holster of the New Frontier has to perform several duties: It must protect the weapon, yet afford unhindered access. It must be strong and secure, yet be ready to release deadly firepower at a moment’s notice.

– Barlow's Guide to Small Arms, 2462 Edition

QMx is proud to present this limited-edition, fine leather replica of unparalleled quality, accuracy and beauty: the Malcolm Reynolds Holster Artisan Replica. This Firefly-vintage Mal holster has been painstakingly researched and re-created by Karl Derrick, a leading Firefly props expert.

Hand-Stitched Custom Leather

The QMx Mal holster body and belt are constructed entirely from 3.5 mm heavyweight oak-tanned steer leather. The traditionally slow-tanned, full-grain leather comes from a small family tannery and is custom dyed to our specifications. The two custom colors for the rig are recorded in the tannery’s dye formula book as “Malhogany” for the holster and ”Kind of Brown” for the belt.

The holster’s graceful vintage lines draw the eye from the triple-thickness, business-like reverse shank, past the rugged girth strap, following the heavy-duty but elegantly stitched main seam, to the traditional open muzzle. The QMx Mal holster is entirely hand stitched with traditional waxed linen thread.

The small brass buckle on the girth strap used on the original rig has only recently been identified. The QMx replica uses the exact make, model and color as was used on the screen-used prop.

The edges of the leather have been finished in the traditional manner, handed down from saddlers of the Old West. Each cut leather edge is hand burnished smooth, then sealed with gum tragacanth and a specially formulated edge coat.

High Fidelity

Like the original, the belt gives only a single nod to decorative adornment: a simple line, incised into the leather, circumnavigates the belt’s hand-burnished outer edge. Twelve pairs of oval-punched holes march with orderly precision toward the rounded English strap point.

More than 50 inches away, the garrison-style military buckle glints with the warmth of solid brass. This unassuming piece of foundry brass is actually a first-generation casting of the original Mal Firefly belt buckle. The original was cast and then filled foundry wax copies were made from the mold. The resulting waxes were then processed into brass using the traditional lost-wax technique. The wax model is coated in a ceramic slurry. When set, the wax is melted out and the resulting hollow ceramic shell filled with molten brass.

The attention to detail pays off handsomely in this finely finished celebration of the leatherworker's art.

The Firefly Malcolm Reynolds' Holster Artisan Replica is the last word in accuracy and fidelity. It is available in an edition of just 500. Each holster comes with a unique serial number permanently embossed into the leather to ensure authenticity.

Strap it on when you aim to misbehave…




17.13 in long x 5.63 in high

43.5 cm long x 14.29


56 in long x 1.75 in wide

142.24 cm long x 4.45 cm wide


Oak-tanned, full-grain leather, brass, waxed linen thread, gum tragacanth.



What Makes the QMx Mal Holster So Accurate?

  • Patterns verified by side-by-side comparison with a holster made by the original maker.
  • Holster dye color meticulously researched, tested and matched.
  • Belt buckle cast directly from a screen used original in solid brass.
  • Same make, model and color of holster strap buckle as used on the original rig.
  • Identical thickness and quality of oak-tanned, full-grain leather used.
  • Completely stitched with waxed linen thread, by hand, by Karl himself.
  • Correct make, model and color Chicago screws.
  • Correct make, model and color Line 24 brass thumbsnap as used on the original.
  • Correct brand of edge dyeing/finishing compound used.
  • Correct 5-per-inch stitch pattern.
  • Correct spacing, pattern and shape of belt prong holes.



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