Not Mandatory. But Limited Edition.

The Fruity Oaty Girls Maquette Set includes the cheery trio of Fruity Oaty girls, display base and special Verse packaging.

These hefty maquettes are cast in solid polystone resin and hand painted, with neck joints mounted on springs so they can move to the beat. Even the base shaped and labeled just like a real Fruity Oaty Bar is solid resin and color keyed, so girls can easily find their designated slots.

Created by Serenity Designer Geoffrey Mandel, Sage, Cinnamon and Lavender will bring the shiny to anyone's day. Each girl comes in her own individually branded full-color box.

A limited number of Fruity Oaty Bar bases are autographed by actor Robert Lee, who was featured in the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial in Serenity. Each base has its own unique box. All four boxes are nestled in a full-color master carton that's been designed to look like a standard shipping crate from The Verse.

Limited to 1,500 numbered, these will last about as long as a Maidenhead Bar patron remains standing once River sees the Fruity Oaty Girls in action.




4.5 in, excluding base

11.43 cm, excluding  base





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