Browncoat Bling

I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar!

– Hoban Washburne, Pilot of Serenity

You, too, can be a leaf on the wind with this limited-edition key chain that converts into a pendant and features a gold-plated Serenity.

Measuring 5/8 inch from reactor to bridge, the world’s tiniest Firefly is cast in gold-finish metal and sits atop a bronze-finish metal leaf, itself measuring just under 2 inches. 

The Gold Leaf on the Wind pendant comes attached to a heavy-duty bronze-finish key chain, which can be removed with needle-nose pliers.

A black cord necklace (included) can be used to wear the pendant – or you can use your own necklace, if you prefer.




2 in (approximate)

5.08 cm (approximate)


Metal alloy


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