The Cleverest Witch

Where would Harry Potter be without Hermione Granger, his loyal friend, confidante and the brightest witch of her age? QMx wouldn’t want you to be without her either, so we’ve created a cuddly plush version of the sharp-witted young spellcaster. Our 8-inch Hermione Q-Pal wears the colors of Gryffindor house, a smart pleated skirt and her Hogwarts school robe.

Great to have her on the team, if you need some polyjuice potion – stat!

Be sure to pick up the whole trio - Harry Potter Q-Pal and Ron Weasley Q-Pal on sale here. And check out the rest of our amazing items from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!





8 in

20 cm




Surface washable only. Air dry.


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