I Smell Children!

This fall, celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with The Sanderson Sisters from the beloved Disney classic Hocus Pocus....if you dare!

Our Hocus Pocus Q-Fig Max brings Winifred, Sarah and Mary Sanderson to life like no other Hocus Pocus collectible before. You’d think we lit the Black Flame Candle ourselves (not that we’re admitting to being virgins. Nosiree!) The sisters glide through the night sky on their magical vacuum, ready to run amok on the spookiest night of the year. Amok, amok, amok!

The Hocus Pocus Q-Fig Max is the first collectible in QMx’s new line of specially-designed Q-Figs for The Disney Store & Theme Parks and will be available worldwide. Intricately sculpted and painstakingly detailed, the Sanderson Sisters have been lovingly recreated for a special spot in your life. Seemingly held aloft only by the clouds beneath their magically-enhanced vacuum, the sister’s cloaks billow in the wind as they search for Winifred’s spellbook. Everything about the Hocus Pocus Q-Fig Max is authentically Disney, down to each sister’s hairstyle, costume and emotive expression. 

Find the Hocus Pocus Q-Fig Max exclusively at Disney Stores and ShopDisney.com beginning August 10th and bring the Sanderson Sisters home for Halloween!



Length: 4 in ( 10.1 cm )

Width: 5.5 in ( 13.9 cm )

Height: 4.75 in ( 12 cm )


7.2 oz




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