Top 10 Ways to Know You're a Cylon

Never get caught off guard again! Cylon Safety Information Sheet #8, issued by QMx on behalf of the Colonial Ministry of Information, contains 10 tips that can save your life and the lives of your fellow Colonials, so heed them well:

  • Do they ask questions about classified subjects?
  • Do they seem unusually strong, smart or self-assured?
  • Do they say God instead of Gods?
  • Have you seen them before, but you know it's not the same person?
  • Do you see them hanging around secured or restricted areas?
  • Do they seem to hear music that no one else can hear?
  • Do they seem unusually fearless, as if death has no meaning for them?
  • Do they exhibit sociopathic behavior around other humans, especially defenseless children?
  • Are they unusually adept, almost empathic, with machines?
  • Does their spine glow red when they get ... excited?

This original, officially licensed, special-edition poster was created for QMx by Adam Levermore.

Just think how useful a guide like this could be in identifying the five remaining skin jobs. They could be anyone – your assistant, your mechanic, your favorite sports hero, even a senior officer in the Colonial military.

Remember, the Cylons look like us now. Be aware. Be vigilant. And report unusual persons immediately!




24 in wide x 36 in high

60.96 cm wide x 91.44 cm high


100-lb, satin-finish paper.


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