Available Exclusively at Walmart

Pennywise knows your secrets. He’s your worst nightmare. And he’s the most frightening Q-Fig ever created, now in a haunting black and white design available for a limited time exclusively at Walmart. 

Our Pennywise the Dancing Clown grins malevolently, offering hapless passersby a bright red balloon -- the only spot of color against a grim palette. His dioramic base features a watery expanse with poor Georgie Denbrough’s boat floating nearby. Pennywise’s clown costume and make-up are captured with intricate detail, unrivaled from a collectible in this scale. 

Individually numbered and limited to 1,000 pieces, the meticulously sculpted Black & White Pennywise Q-Fig is certain to be a highly coveted collector’s item.

Join the Losers Club and add the Black and White Pennywise to your Q-Fig collection today, available exclusively at Walmart. We all float down here.



Length: 3.5 in ( 8.8 cm )

Width: 3.5 in ( 8.8 cm )

Height: 5 in ( 12.5 cm)


2.1 oz




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