Til Death Do Us Part

There’s nothing quite as special as Christmastime, and there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a little Disney magic. Unless, of course, you’re Jack Skellington… and then you have to first learn a lesson about how to properly spread Christmas cheer. But thanks to Sally and Zero, Jack managed to rescue Santa, save Christmas and bring a little holiday snowfall to Halloween Town. Now you can celebrate the iconic moment Jack and Sally realize they were meant for each other in the festive “Jack, I’m Flying”  Q-Fig Elite by QMx. 

Inspired by the classic Disney holiday film The Nightmare Before Christmas, we’ve put our own special stamp on the movie’s finale. The Nightmare Before Christmas “Jack, I’m Flying” Q-Fig Elite features Jack and Sally celebrating their true love on the Tim Burton-esque hill overlooking Halloween Town while an adoring Zero looks on. With a wink and nod to the greatest cinematic love story ever told, it’s clear Jack and Rose are simply meant to be. Wait, Jack and SALLY are meant to be. Who’s Rose? 

The “Jack, I’m Flying” Q-Fig Elite stands approximately 8 inches tall from the bottom of Spiral Hill to the top of little Sally’s carefully sewn head. Her hair blowing in the wind and arms outstretched, Sally celebrates their love while Jack lifts her high into the air. And the scene wouldn’t be complete without Zero flying circles around them, happily enjoying the moment. You can almost hear the soundtrack playing as you admire the fine details on these beloved Disney characters. Halloween Town will go on. 

Return to Halloween Town this holiday season and collect the “Jack, I’m Flying” Q-Fig Elite from QMx. 


Length: 5.5 in ( 13.97 cm)

Width: 4.25 in ( 10.7 cm)

Height: 7.5 in ( 19 cm)


6 oz




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