Time for Some Thrilling Heroics

Third in QMx's hit series of Serenity Little Damn Heroes® limited-edition animated maquettes, "Thrilling Heroics" stars none other than the man they call Jayne (Cobb) himself.

The Jayne maquette is cast in resin, hand painted and comes holding Jayne's very favorite gun, Vera. He's sculpted wearing the cunning hat knitted by his ma and wearing his Blue Sun T-shirt. The one what got River so riled.

Offered in an edition of just 1,000 individually numbered statues, you best get Jayne before he's gone. We hear he's got a crappy town named after him and that he's skilled at the public relations. Sounds like it's good to have Jayne on your side. Just remember: The living legend needs eggs!




4 in

10.16 cm




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