A Fish Out of Water

Adopted by Gwenpool during her time on the West Coast Avengers, Marvel’s Jeff the Baby Land Shark was found living in a secret lair filled with land sharks. Unfortunately, when Gwenpool’s comic was canceled, she brought Jeff to live with her friend Deadpool where the two became fast friends. 

Our 7.5-inch long Jeff the Baby Land Shark Qreature™ features a gray-blue body, which includes his fins, short little legs, and a grin full of sharp teeth. Like all of our Qreatures™, Jeff the Baby Land Shark is a sculptural, stylized plush. He’s stitched with great precision using top-quality materials and designed to hold his shape even when biting bad guys. 

Pair him up with our other Qreature plush from our first Marvel collection, including our Goose Qreature™ and Howard the Duck Qreature™. Don’t let their size fool you; they are all equally dangerous.



Length: Approx. 7.5 in ( 19.05 cm )

Width: 10 in ( 25.4 cm )

Height: 8.5 in  ( 21.5 cm )


11.3 oz




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