Katara Q-Pals Plush

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A powerful waterbender, Katara and her brother are on a quest to defeat the Fire Nation with the help of Aang, the long lost Avatar. And the Fire Nation doesn’t stand a chance against this cuteness overload! Inspired by Nickelodeon’s beloved Avatar: The Last Airbender, our 8-inch super soft Katara Q-Pal features high quality materials coupled with intricate details to deliver a truly collectible plush figure. Complete with her water skin, waterbending robes and even her signature braids, the Katara Q-Pal will drown you with adorableness. 

Katara needs Sokka and Aang to complete their quest, so be sure to collect our entire series of Avatar: The Last Airbender Q-Pals!


Length: 5.5 in ( 13.9 cm )

Width: 5 in ( 12.7 cm )

Height: 8 in ( 20.3 cm)


9 oz




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