Speed Is The Key

Obsessed with devices and computers, Lex is analytical and eager to solve whatever problems the Manhattan Clan might face. An aspiring scientist and the Clan’s resident technical expert, Lexington is thriving in the modern world. Though he’s the smallest of the gargoyles, don’t let that fool you...because you can’t beat what you can’t catch. 

Inspired by the classic Disney animated television series Gargoyles, the Lexington Q-Fig features the clan’s very own hacker perched on a parapet high above New York City. Expertly crafted with his distinctive webbed wings, khaki-colored skin and large eyes, his iconic style - just look at that loincloth! - truly sets him apart from the rest of the clan.

The Lexington Q-Fig stands 4 inches tall from the diorama base to the top of Lex’s shiny bald head. The base itself is meticulously sculpted to resemble the gothic rooftop of the Eyrie Building, which will match perfectly when paired with our other Gargoyles Q-Figs - Goliath, Demona and Bronx. Add Lexington to your Q-Fig collection today!


Length: 7.6 in (  cm)

Width: 3.5  in ( 8.8 cm)

Height: 4  in ( 10. 1 cm)


4 oz




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