I Aim to Misbehave

With these words, Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the Firefly-class transport Serenity, let loose upon the Alliance the kind of retribution only a man with nothing left to lose can exact.

Now Mal, the man of action, is captured in this limited edition, hand-painted statue, the next in the hit series of Little Damn Heroes® animated maquettes.

This resin figure depicts Mal with his gun drawn and browncoat billowing behind him. Details in the maquette include screen-accurate sculpts of his boots, suspenders and even his iconic pistol.

Through special arrangement with Nathan Fillion and P.J. Haarsma, co-founders of Kids Need To Read (www.kidsneedtoread.org), a portion of the proceeds from sales of this maquette will be donated to this worthy cause.

Only 1,000 "I Aim to Misbehave" limited-edition maquettes are being made. Available for a limited time, best get yours before they're gone for good!




4 in

10.16 cm




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