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Mal's Favorite Sidearm in 1:3 Scale

Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the Firefly-class transport Serenity, never met a sidearm he liked more than his legendary pistol.

Now you can have one of your own: an Artisan replica of his Moses Bros. Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B that's screen accurate and meticulously crafted in 1:3 scale. It's made by the U.S.-based QMx FX Cinema Arts model and prop shop.

The body of this piece is cast in resin infused with brass flakes to give a more realistic finish. The 1:3 Scale Mal Pistol Replica Keepsake is nestled in a hinged metal presentation case with a clear lid for easy, secure viewing. The case comes in a custom-printed Moses Bros. drawstring pouch.

The pistol is ready for display, with a black acrylic stand and clear risers included. It also has a brass eye hook that can be screwed into the top and hung from your holiday tree with a ribbon (also included).

We are offering just 100 of these very special Artisan Mal Pistol Replica Keepsakes.




4.88 in

12.38 cm


Resin infused with brass flakes, acrylic.


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