Mal Reynolds at the Battle of Serenity Valley

May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.

– Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Standing defiant in the face of inevitable defeat, pistol at the ready and gripping the tattered banner of the Independents, this is how we imagine Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds at the height of the Battle of Serenity Valley. It’s a battle that would come to symbolize a great sacrifice for Independent forces and a conflict that Sergeant Reynolds would never fully leave behind.

There’s no greater subject for QMx's first Master Series 1:6 scale statue than Firefly's Captain Mal at this seminal moment. Every detail has been reproduced with exacting fidelity, from his trademark Moses Brothers sidearm to the brass buckles on his brown suede duster. Special attention was given to Mal's face to match the structure, skin tone, hair color and blue eyes of actor Nathan Fillion.

Our Master Series statues combine the precision of digital modeling with old-school hand sculpting. For our Malcolm Reynolds statue:

  • Artist Alejandro Pereira created the body, costume and props, meticulously re-creating each element in a digital model.
  • Trevor Grove, one of the foremost portrait sculptors in the world today, created Mal's head in clay, capturing both his look and his personality in that way only hand-sculpting can do. 

The result is the best, most detailed 3-D re-creation of Malcolm Reynolds ever done — a premium-class statue we’re proud to offer.

Each statue is cast in solid polystone, hand painted and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Offered in an edition of only 1,000 pieces, the Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Master Series Statue is sure to become a treasured showpiece.




17 in (bottom of the piece to the top of the flag)

43.18 cm (bottom of the piece to the top of the flag)


9 in wide x 11.5 in deep

22.86 cm wide x 29.21 cm deep







Mal Paper Figure

 For a limited time, QMx is offering this very special design created for us by Argentine artist Gus Santome to download.

Just click here to get the design. Print, cut and fold it to make your very own Mal Paper Figure.

This offer is open to all and is good through September 2014. So get this adorable Captain Tightpants now!



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