This Mule Has One Gorram Kick!

Whether you're hauling cargo or fleeing from Reavers, the MF-813 Flying Mule is the hard-working transport for you. Favored by captains of flexible virtue, the MF-813 Flying Mule is the latest in hovermule technology, able to move cargo up to two metric tons and achieve speeds of 350 kph, with plenty of storage for small arms, ammo and grenades (see note below).

QMx has produced the first ever, exact studio-scale replica of the Flying Mule as seen in the movie Serenity. The Mule is a highly detailed model, hand painted to match the movie vehicle right down to the emblems and decals. Using the blueprints and AutoCAD files used to create the screen-used vehicle, plus extensive photographic reference, the MF-813 Flying Mule replica is the last word in accuracy.

Included with the Mule is a cast-resin, hand-painted diorama measuring that simulates the sandy surface of a Border moon perfectly.

The QMx Mule can be displayed in one of two modes: CGI mode, where two heavy-duty acrylic posts are used to simulate the hover effect; or Backstage mode, using the included dolly replica to dock your Mule between shots.

Offered in an edition of 1,000, the Flying Mule is QMx's first manufactured studio-scale replica, enabling us to offer this amazing collectible for a very affordable price.




14.5 in long x 10.75 in wide x 4.5 in high

36.83 cm long x 27.31 cm wide x 11.43 cm high


15.5 in long x 10.75 in wide x 1 in high

39.37 cm long x 27.31 cm wide x 2.54 cm high




Manufactured Replicas

QMx changed the standard for licensed, precision replicas when we introduced our Artisan replicas. The Artisan line is based on a simple premise: Instead of offering collectors mass-produced replicas that by the nature of the manufacturing process must make compromises, we produce replicas made the same way the original was made built one at a time by a skilled model maker.

While we knew that handcrafting was the only way to produce the quality we're looking for with many replica designs, we also knew there would be other designs that could offer everything the collector is looking for, without the additional expense of a made-to-order model.

The MF-813 Flying Mule is just such a design.

The Flying Mule is our first studio-scale manufactured vehicle replica, and we offer it with the same pride that we do any of our Artisan models.


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