Sacrificed for the Greater Good

When the QMx got a brand new 3-D printer, the FX Cinema Arts team could think of no better inaugural project than to build a U.S.S. Kelvin, the ship that was the birthplace of James Tiberius Kirk amid a horrific, bloody battle.

Captained by Richard Robau, the Kelvin was attacked by the Narada, a Romulan mining ship under the command of Captain Nero, a time traveler from the future. The battle altered the timeline, setting the events of the movie Star Trek (2009) in motion.

Kelvin First Officer George Kirk took command after Captain Robau was killed. As the battle ensued, Kirk was killed while saving 800 members aboard the Kelvin, including his wife, Winona, and newborn son, James.

After the FX Cinema Arts team generated watertight designs, several iterations of the Kelvin were rapid-prototyped in different sizes. From this effort came a Kelvin replica that was part of The History of Starflight collection QMx created for the film Star Trek Into Darkness.

Every unique detail of the Kelvin is richly re-created in resin, from its unconventional single warp nacelle to the gun emplacements mounted on the hull.

The lessons learned crafting the Kelvin have enabled QMx to offer a wide variety of ships at diverse price points. Whether you purchase an artisan replica or a keychain, you can rest assured that the ship you receive is screen accurate and made to exacting specifications.


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