She Can Kill You With Her Brain ...

... but axes are much more fun! She's our brilliant, beautiful, but deadly teenager: River Tam – the psychic savant of Serenity – who kicks butt in hand-to-hand combat and poses a serious danger to just about everyone, including herself.

River is the fifth animated maquette in our best-selling series of Little Damn Heroes®. Our luxuriantly maned, sculpted resin maquette smiles impishly while holding a bloody Reaver axe and sword. All in a day's work for Dr. Simon Tam's little sister.

Before you get lost in her limpid brown eyes, remember that with a firearm, she's a better shot than any of us – with her eyes closed.

Offered in a numbered edition of 1,000. Our naughty girl won't be around long, so act fast – and remember to duck!




4 in

10.16 cm




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