Smaller, But Still Plucky as Ever

One of science fiction's most beloved spaceships isn't a gargantuan battlecruiser or a sleek starship cruising the galaxies. It's the workhorse Firefly-class transport, well past her prime with hardly a peashooter to defend herself, named Serenity.

QMx has recreated Serenity in 1:400 scale -- about 8 inches long -- out of dozens of parts, some as small as a millimeter. Her intricate design matches the Firefly TV series version of the ship in every detail: She was created using the show's actual CG files. She is screen accurate and painted by hand. And included with Serenity are two tiny shuttles.

Dubbed the 10th Big Damn Hero by Joss Whedon, we knew our Little Damn Heroes wouldn't be complete without her.

Our Little Damn Heroes Serenity Maquette comes with a sleek black stand and is the perfect size for your favorite space.




8 in

20.32 cm




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