There’s Something Out There….Hunting Us

The legendary Predator is one ugly mother… you know what. But thanks to a cloaking system - also known as a “Shiftsuit” - it can be rendered almost invisible to the naked eye. So while you won’t necessarily have to stare into its ferocious visage as it hunts you down, it’s mostly because you’ll never see it coming. Relive the terror of the Predator hiding in plain sight with the Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite, available exclusively from QMx and select retailers around the world. 

Based on the titular monster from the seminal sci-fi movie Predator, The Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite recreates the iconic scene where the extra-terrestrial warrior stalks our hero, Major Dutch Schafer. In this exclusive version, the Predator has engaged its cloaking system high above in the trees while Dutch hides in the mud below. Completely translucent, the Shiftsuit Predator warps the light around his body leaving only a small visible silhouette. If it moves, you just might be able to catch a glimpse. But if you move, well that’s game over, man. Oops, sorry - wrong scary alien movie. 

Note: this is a pre-order item. All pre-orders are estimated to ship September 2021.

The Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite stands nearly 7 inches tall from the muddy and skull-adorned display base to the very top of the gnarled and knotted tree. Individually numbered and limited to just 5000 pieces, collect the Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite exclusively from QMx or these select retailers in your location: 

Zavvi - North America and Europe

Geekz - Latin America

Liverpool - Mexico

Popcultcha - Australia and New Zealand

Fragstore - Russia


01 Toys - China



Length: 5.5 in ( 13.9 cm )

Width: 5 in ( 12.7 cm )

Height: 10.5 in ( 26.6  cm)


11.8 oz




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