The Apprentice

In 1940, Mickey Mouse made his feature-length film debut in the now classic Disney animated film Fantasia. In honor of the movie’s 80th anniversary, QMx is bringing you the ultimate expression of Fantasia’s magic - the Sorcerer Mickey Q-Fig Max Elite. 

This incredible, large-scale diorama features the sorcerer’s apprentice as he uses a magical hat and a book of arcane spells to do what we’d all do if we had access to phenomenal magic power - clean the house (er, castle). Of course, this is Mickey Mouse we’re talking about here, so when things inevitably spiral out of control, a magical flood is unleashed nearly washing the hat, book and Mickey down the drain along with any dust and dirt. 

Every aspect of mystical chaos in this iconic scene is lovingly captured with exacting detail, from the translucent water splashing high above MIckey’s outstretched palm to the waves crashing beneath his leather-bound spellbook. You can almost hear the soundtrack playing as the enchanted brooms dance and Mickey surfs above a deep, frothing whirlpool. Sure to be the centerpiece of any collection, the massive Sorcerer Mickey Q-Fig Max Elite brings Disney magic to life like no other collectible in this scale. 

Available initially in Disney Stores, Disney Parks and at, the Sorcerer Mickey Q-Fig Max Elite will delight any Disney fan or Q-Fig collector by transporting them to a world of Disney magic without ever leaving home. 


Length: 6.5 in ( 16.5 cm )

Width: 6.5 in ( 16.5 cm )

Height: 7 in ( 17.7 cm )


1.5 lbs




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