Cue the Mix Tape

Star-Lord, the legendary outlaw and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, blasts off on his latest mission to save the universe.

The plume of exhaust from this Marvel superhero’s jetpack glows orange as it lights up (batteries included) in this Q-Fig FX diorama. The half-human, half-Celestial also known as Peter Quill wears a special mask that enables him to survive in outer space. He’s heavily armed and spoiling for a fight!

Star-Lord is just one in our series of Marvel Q-Figs, so be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes and villains!




6 in

15.24 cm



Three LR44 alkaline button cell batteries included.


Battery Info

This figure comes with 3 replaceable LR44 alkaline button cell batteries. To replace batteries:

  1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver (not included) to open the battery door at the base of the figure.
  2. Removed exhausted batteries and dispose of them properly. Please recycle properly whenever possible.
  3. Insert 3 new LR44 alkaline batteries or equivalent.
  4. Replace battery cover and screw closed. Do not over-tighten.

CAUTION: To avoid battery leakage:

  • Do not use rechargeable batteries.
  • Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
  • Never mix old batteries with new batteries (replace all batteries at the same time).
  • Be sure to insert the batteries with the correct polarities.
  • Remove batteries from product before extended storage.
  • Always remove old or dead batteries from the product.
  • Never short-circuit the battery terminals.
  • Check that the contact surfaces are clean and bright before installing batteries.
  • Protect the environment by not disposing of batteries with household waste. Check your local authority for recycling advice and facilities.


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