Hail to the Emperor 

As seen on Star Trek: Discovery, these are the badges 's from the infamous mirror universe version of the Federation - the Terran Empire.

In the mirror universe, people and places take on opposite characteristics of those in the parallel prime universe. The mirror universe's Terran Empire is a repressive interstellar body dominated by the humans from Earth.

As in the United Federation of Planets in the prime universe, the different divisions of starship operations are signified with color.  “Command” personnel wear gold badges, silver is for “Sciences” and the bronze is for “Operations.”

As with all of QMx's Star Trek badges, the mirror universe badges are exact replicas of the screen-used hero prop. In making the replicas, we started with the 3D files the Discovery prop department used to create the original, then referenced the actual hero prop from the show for size, detail and color. The result is a perfect simulation of the badge that has been approved by the show's propmaster.

What sets this wearable badge apart from the original is the QMx signature clasp, which uses strong, short-field magnets that are embedded in each badge itself and in a glossy backplate. No more pinholes in delicate fabric. The badge can even be worn on leather and suede.

The other mirror universe Star Trek: Discovery badges are also available: Science and Operations.

Other QMx Star Trek: Discovery magnetic insignia badges are available separately: Command, Science, OperationsMedicalCadet and Black badge.



Length x Width x Height: Approx. 1.50"x2.75"x0.25"

Weight: 1.8 oz



Zinc alloy


QMx Caliber Metalworks

Advanced tooling processes are the hallmark of QMx Caliber Metalworks, our new line of cast products. Screen accurate and created using laser-cut molds, they boast a higher fidelity and more intricate details than ever before.


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