Finish Him!

He can freeze his enemies solid. He can shatter them with a touch. Sub-Zero is without a doubt the coolest ninja competing in Mortal Kombat, and now the cryomancer joins QMx’s new series of Q-Figs inspired by the iconic fighting game. 

Sub-Zero’s mastery of ice and his ability to freeze enemies make him a fierce and devastating opponent in Mortal Kombat. Consumed by his rivalry with Scorpion, Sub-Zero maintains his commitment to honor and justice while honing his deadly fighting skills. Whether he’s casting an Ice Blast or a Snowball Grenade, anyone not wanting to be on the receiving end of freezing death should steer clear of Sub-Zero. 

In our new Sub-Zero Q-Fig, the Lin Kuei assassin prepares to duel his nemesis, the demonic Scorpion. Adorned in his signature blue ninja garb, every stitch of Sub-Zero’s costume has been designed to be faithfully accurate to his video game appearance, down to his armor, mask and gauntlets. Shown as he casts his frigid finisher while calling forth icy shards from the ground, no other fighter stands a chance against this raw power. 

The Sub-Zero Q-Fig stands approximately 4 inches tall and stands primed and ready for battle atop an intricately icy display base. Collect both Sub-Zero and Scorpion now as QMx enters the realm of Mortal Kombat!


Length: 3.5 in ( 8.8 cm )

Width: 5 in ( 12.7 cm )

Height: 3.75 in ( 9.5 cm)


3 oz




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