He's Carnivorous, Scary and Smart

Created exclusively for QMx by Neville Page, world-renowned creature designer, our Alien Bust is taken directly from the 3-D model used to make the creature effects in the movie Super 8.

This extraterrestrial creature crash landed on earth in 1958. Despite his superior intelligence and technological edge, he was captured by the military and placed in a holding cell for observation and experimentation – that is, until he escaped and tore a path of destruction through a small town. His ultimate goal was to repair his ship and return to his home planet.

The Super 8 Alien Bust is the largest and most complex statue we've created so far. Both the master used to make the bust and the paint design were created by Mr. Page. As a result, it has an incredible amount of detail and is extremely accurate.

Each bust in this limited edition of 300 comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a Super 8 name plaque.

The Super 8 Alien Bust would make a terrific addition to your monster collection.



Length x Width x Height: Approx. 5"x4.72"x10.24"

Weight: 3 lbs




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